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1:1 Sweet Spot Finding

Wellness Coaching

Are you able to balance everything in your life with ease or does everything feel like a challenge? Are you constantly doubting yourself and your wonderful abilities? Find yourself feeling more stress and nerves than happiness and excitement?

If you are ready to clear the clutter out of your life and find productivity, wealth and happiness, it’s time we found your sweet spot.

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Yoga Coaching

Want to lose weight, get flexible and fit all whilst reducing stress and getting an hour of peace when you need it? 1:1 Yoga Coaching is a beautiful way to calm your body and mind at the same time whilst getting physically healthy.

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Yoga Classes

For all yoga classes, check out the Yoga page or head over to my Sweet Spot on YouTube and get practicing straight away at home!

Wellness Package

This is FABULOUS for those of us who want a boost in the winter months, some calming down during a stressful period, some pampering and extra confidence for brides or maybe you just want to try out yoga + wellness without committing!

4 Yoga Classes

1:1 Yoga + Wellness Session

Personalised Wellness Guide

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Workplace Wellness Workshops

Targeted workplace coaching to improve employee satisfaction and increase workplace productivity.

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Still not sure what feels right? Book in 30 minute strategy call with me to discover what is stressing you out and instant strategies to overome that.

And if you’re not quite sure whether you’re ready for coaching but want to know a little more, make sure to get yourself my FREE wellness program below and start finding your sweet spot yourself ;)

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“The great thing about the coaching was that Helen made me feel completely comfortable opening up to her about everything. I really felt like I was talking to a friend. We all know it’s difficult to be completely honest, open and expose those painful feelings but Helen encouraged me and put me at ease. Essentially I feel this helped me to get so much from our sessions as she was able to advise and guide me entirely (so don’t be scared!).”

Amy, London


“I was feeling anxious and restless in my daily life. I knew that I hadn’t always felt this way and wanted to find out what I could do to change this. Quite frankly - I’d had enough of feeling anxious about feeling anxious! Helen listened to me. She made me feel so at ease in communicating my thoughts and emotions and responded to each of my problems as though they were her own. She gave me positive and practical advice that I could immediately go out into the world and start practicing. You will come away feeling nourished, refreshed and totally equipped with all the mental and physical abilities to move forward with your life positively. Thank you Helen for really teaching me what it is to be mindful!”

Arianne, Nottingham


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